Say Her Name by Francisco Goldman


Say Her Name, based on the facts of the author's life, tells how he lost his wife Aura in a freak accident on a Mexican beach. Woven into the story are excerpts from Aura's journals and short stories (she was a writer of fiction in real life). The story is heartbreaking with themes of loss and grief. Moving back and forth chronologically, he starts with Aura's death, sharing flashbacks into both of their lives.
Aura was a graduate student from Mexico who came to Columbia for her doctorate in comparative literature. Francisco was already accomplished as both journalist and novelist. Though very different people, their love was deep and Goldman was devastated at her death. Her mother, Juanita, brought a lawsuit against him, suggesting he was partially responsible for her demise. She even refused to let him have any of Aura's ashes, but as the story closes he acquiesces to both Aura and Juanita. I felt like I was intruding on a very raw, intimate part of a strangers lovelife--read this as though it's one long love letter written to honor a lost life and help repair the lives of those still living.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

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