Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

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Tender Branson is the last remaining Creedish member (also referred to as the Creedish Dealth Cult) and he is dictating his life story into the black box of Flight 2039, a plane he has just hijacked. While 39,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, he recounts his life as a child among the Creedish, a repressed religious sect founded in the 1860s. When he turns 17, he is sent out into the world as a domestic servant who is expected to send his earnings back to the cult. Years later, Tender finds himself on the edge of fame and fortune when members of the cult rapidly commit suicide. Everyone thinks he is the last remaining member and wants a piece of him. However, even as he preens under the attention he can't shake the feeling that his older brother is on his way to kill him.

There is also his romantic interest, Fertility Hollis, a girl who knows when strange disaster will occur. He uses her, first as a media messiah to solidify his image, and then to make an escape from it. He goes on the lam with his brother to revisit the place of his childhood, which reveals the true nature of the Creedish cult and his older brother to the reader, and then ends the book where it begins, at the hijacking of the plane and Tender's future - will he even survive?

Palahniuk's writing is full of witty and satirical observations on society with an enjoyable dark humor. His ability to keep the reader guessing continuously throughout the novel makes it a fantastic and enjoyable read. Check catalog for availability.

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