The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

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It is 1940, the war is on but the United States is not involved in it yet. Frankie Bard is an American woman journalist reporting from a bomb weary London, Iris James is a 40 year old postmaster in Franklin, Massachusetts on Cape Cod and Emma Trask is a newlywed married to the town doctor. The lives of all three become intertwined through Frankie's broadcasts as well as a chance encounter. We feel the heart stopping terror of World War II in Europe in Frankie's chapters and then take note of the smaller dramas taking place at home in the others. Emma's husband leaves to help in London, Frankie moves on to Germany to report on the Jews, and Iris keeps tabs on her community as they all come and go through her small world. I liked the alternating chapters of each character as it gave me more a sense of what was happening in Europe versus how those events were affecting people and events in the United States. I was reading this while driving with my husband through Chicago on I-94 which definitely added to the tension of those "close your eyes I don't want to know" type scenes. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Lynn @ Center St

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