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The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead


Finally! Here is the long awaited sixth and final book in the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. As the title of the series states, this is the story about vampires. Vampires that live mostly in secret during the modern day. They go to special academies, have their own government and a hierarchy separate from humans. They also have three unique races - Moroi, full-blooded vampires and benevolent, Dhampir, half-vampire and Moroi bodyguards, and Strigoi, pure evil vampires and immortal. The adventures begin in book one with the main characters in their final year of school, nearly ready to go out into the real world. Our heroine Dhampir Rose Hathaway will stop at nothing to keep her charge Moroi Princess Vasilisa Dragomir safe. Rose has trained to be the ultimate warrior and surpasses all of her classmates. Naturally she has flaws, a bad temper and she always speaks what's on her mind which frequently leads her into trouble. She's also secretly dating her defense instructor Dhampir Dimitri Belikov, a definite faux pas. Danger is aplenty and almost nonstop. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace and surprising plot twists. What I didn't like was waiting for each of the next books in the series to be published.

It's always sad to me for a good series to come to an end. Luckily Mead is working on a spinoff series called Bloodlines due to be released in August 2011. Here's hoping it's as good as the Vampire Academy series!

Visit the author's website here.

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