Vordak the Incomprehensible by Scott Seegert


Certainly somewhere inside each one of us there lurks a desire to rule the world. At last, Vordak the Incomprehensible (with the help of his minion, Scott Seegert) makes these aspirations possible. In this nefariously delightful book readers will learn how to create an evil name, select an appropriately heinous supervillain costume, as well as discover plenty of pithy advice on discovering their own inner evil. Particularly informative is the section on creating an evil lair. Vordak wisely points out that one should begin with a starter lair and using the "Evil Lair Gradual Upgrade Chart" slowly make your lair dreams come true. Apparently supervillains have fantastic vocabularies if Vordak is any indication. That said, one will also find plenty of humor appreciated almost exclusively by pre-tween boys. At first I thought that the intended audience was would-be pre-teen villains, however, after having heartily laughed my way through Vordak's advice, I'm sure he must have also been intending for adults interested in channeling their inner nine-year-old to join in the fun as well. This book is far too much fun to be read by children only. Muahahahaha

Submitted by Tricia @ Capitol

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