You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness by Julie Klam

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Author Julie Klam's first true love wasn't quite what she'd expected.

Squat, walleyed and with a serious underbite, Otto nonetheless became a participant in every aspect of Julie's life. He taught her that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, what to look for when choosing a (human) mate, and eventually guided her down the perilous path of Boston Terrier rescue.

Julie sugarcoats none of her experiences. The admittedly cute adolescent pups rescued from a hoarder come with baggage that includes fleas, bad teeth and the ability to deposit seemingly endless amounts of bodily secretions on every surface of her home including the bed. Repeatedly.

Dahlia, an ancient mixed-breed who appears to be neither Boston nor Terrier arrives as a foster with bad teeth and a worse disposition. She is embraced with fervor by Julie's four year old daughter, surprises the family with two puppies despite her geriatric state, and shortly thereafter departs for the Elysian Fields leaving the humans to raise her offspring.

Then there is Moses, the Boston who devotes himself to Julie with single-minded passion. He is smart, affectionate, and impossible not to bond with. Unfortunately his skills at escaping the leash bring about a tragic ending guaranteed to leave the reader sniffling.

As the owner of two dogs, a pug and an ancient pug/Boston Terrier mix, I know that every dog who belongs to you is beautiful, even with bowed legs, a deviated septum and a propensity to eat things that are indigestible and hack them up on the rug. Dogs teach us patience, kindness, acceptance; they teach us, if we pay attention, how to be better at everything, including love. The lessons are sometimes hard, sometimes sad, but I'm with Julie - it's worth every minute. Check catalog for availability.

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