A Lonely Death by Charles Todd

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Scotland Yard Detective Ian Rutledge is a fascinating character. Created by a mother and son writing team, the Inspector Rutledge series is a twist on the flawed detective genre. Set in post WWI England Todd delves the psyche of the war exhausted population. Rutledge, himself, is no exception. He has returned from the battlefield with the ghost of a dead soldier in his head. Hamish MacLeod was executed on the battlefield by Rutledge for refusing a direct order. Hamish has now become Rutledge's constant companion and the embodiment of his tortured soul.

In a small Sussex village war veterans are being brutally murdered. Each has been garroted, with small ID discs left in their mouths. Is this the work of a fellow emotionally scarred veteran? Or is the motive to be found further in the past? The mystery is intricately wrought. But the solution to the crime seems secondary to the wrenching stories of the veterans and their difficulty in returning to their old lives; lives that no longer exist. The details and emotions that Todd evokes paints a picture of imperfect men trying to justify their pasts and understand their futures. Check catalog for availability.

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