Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear


In Hull Zero Three an unnamed narrator awakens from a gestation pod on a starship that hurtles through space on a derailed mission. His enigmatic little-girl rescuer hustles him through increasingly cold chambers, chasing the ship's heat, while ransacking corpses for useable clothes, food and water. When sanctuary is found at last he almost succumbs to its allure before he discovers that he is not the first of his genome to pass this way--he is the latest of hundreds. Looking for his real purpose for awakening before his time, Teacher (as he now knows he is) encounters others of different genomes & experimental organics who also come to believe that something has gone very wrong with their ship. What? And how can they fix the problem? Each apparent solution hides a bigger problem and only audacious and daring action can outwit the Ship's Defenses to save the mission AND an inhabited planetary system. I felt the book was well-written, perhaps a little too obscure in some places, but certainly of interest to fans of "hard science" fiction.

Submitted by Leah @ Wisconsin Talking Book & Braille Library

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