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Rage of the Fallen by Joseph Delaney


Welcome to the Last Apprentice series! Rage of the Fallen is actually book 8 in the tale of Tom Ward's apprenticeship to John Gregory, the local spook. Set in medieval times, a spook is a hunter & defender of their assigned county against the scary, ghostly things that plague local residents. An eerie position, most folks are afraid of and dislike spooks but desperately need them when ghosts, boggarts or witches show up in the county. Tom Ward's ongoing apprenticeship has him encountering all types of frightening creatures as well as discovering who he is.

In book 8, John Gregory, Tom and his friend Alice are in Ireland in hopes of finding some temporary safety while a larger war goes on back home. Unfortunately, they discover a new sort of evil creature making town's people go mad. As spooks, John Gregory & Tom must stop this creature. Although what they find may lead back to an old adversary with a grudge. All the while Tom fearing for his & Alice's life as they try to outmaneuver their greater enemy, the Fiend. A small cracked jar in Tom's pocket is the only thing keeping him away for the moment. Their last hope is to collaborate with the Witch Assassin Grimalkin to attempt to bind their common enemy, the Fiend; however they haven't heard from Grimalkin in weeks.

The apprenticeship of Tom Ward includes a bestiary of all types of creatures, everyday adventures and a bigger ongoing story of Tom, his past and his future. For John Gregory, a spook of an earlier generation, the world looks very black and white, wrong and right, good and evil. For Tom, whose own history puts him in question, everything is not so clear. Caught between his destiny and his choices, he stays true to himself and loyal to his friends, even to his detriment.

Submitted by Casey @ Atkinson

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