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Spiral by Paul McEuen

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Liam Connor, a brilliant scientist and winner of the Nobel prize, has a secret. During WWII, he witnessed the ravages of the most deadly bioweapon ever created. Has he unraveled its mysteries? Might he even have a sample of the doomsday fungus? Some very powerful people have their suspicions, and are willing to go to any lengths to find out. When they find Liam, his family and another prominent scientist must follow the clues Liam left them to stop the destruction of the human race.

Murder, political intrigue, and spine-tingling suspense make this a finely-wrought mystery, peopled with passionate and intriguing characters. It's by far one of the best thrillers so far this year. In addition, the author himself is a prominent scientist at Cornell; he provides an authentic look into the possible future (and past) of biotechnology. Both adults and teens will enjoy this book, as long as they are comfortable with some violent scenes. A must-read for lovers of thrillers, modern speculative and science fiction, and even WWII and warfare history. Check catalog for availability.

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