The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon

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1968; people with disabilities were routinely shut off from society and left to languish without attention, forgotten. Lynnie, a disabled white woman with limited speech abilities and Homan, a deaf-mute African American man are institutionalized at the Pennsylvania State School of the Incurable and Feebleminded.

One stormy night, they escape, but Lynnie is pregnant and it's time for the baby to be born. They find safety in the farmhouse of a retired school teacher, Martha Zimmer who allows them to hide in her attic. The authorities search and eventually catch up with them at the Zimmer's. Lynnie must return, but Homan gets away and the baby is left behind with Martha.

Now their stories separate, though they are desperate to reconnect. Lynnie continues to love Homan and believes he will return for her eventually. Martha looks after the baby and lives in fear that the secret will be found out and the baby taken away. Homan travels the country searching for Lynnie, but has no idea where to look; he doesn't even know her name. Will they ever reunite? Will Lynnie see her baby again? The Story of Beautiful Girl is unforgettable and will appeal to anyone interested in the deplorable treatment in the not-so-distant past of those with disabilities.

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