Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale


In an alternate London, gas lamps light the streets, and the descendants of fallen angels, called Prodigals, with their yellow eyes, black nails, and latent magical abilities inherited from their demonic ancestors, are second class citizens, living uneasily among humans. They are watched closely by the Inquisition, an order devoted to upholding the law, and more often than not punishing Prodigals for minor infractions.

Belimai Sykes is a Prodigal, who, after a run in with the Inquisition six years ago, still bears its scars both mental and physical. Not only does his body bear the evidence of time spent at their hands, lines of holy verse carved into his skin by their prayer machines, but when he left the Inquisition House at last, it was as a drug addict and a broken man. Captain William Harper is a member of the Inquisition, a stoic, atypical member of the order who hires Belimai to investigate the disappearance of his sister. By the time of the second story, the two have formed an unlikely friendship.

Have you ever put off reading the rest of a book simply because once you do, there won't be any more? Wicked Gentlemen is one of those books. It's composed of two stories, each told from the perspective of a different character, and an epilogue. A gothic steampunk fantasy, with wonderfully detailed world building and engaging characters that leaves you wanting more, it is also an example of a novel with a gay protagonist, but the "romance" is hardly at the center of this story. I so enjoyed this book that I was sad to put it down, but there has been talk of a sequel, and we may be seeing more of Belimai and Harper in the future. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Ashley @ Center St

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