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2012 and the End of the World by Matthew Restall and Amara Solari


As 2012 approaches, a vast number of works dealing with end-of-the-world prophecies and Mayan calendrics have been flooding the book markets. Restall and Solari take a sober look at the roots of this connection and demonstrate that far from being a product of Mayan astrological observations, the 2012 phenomenon is the product of Christian millenarianism combined with inaccurate assumptions made about pre-Colombian Mayans by 19th and early 20th century Mayanists.

This short treatise provides a very clear explanation about the details of the Mayan calendar that the controversy is based on, without becoming overly technical. It also explores the profound influence that Western civilization had on Mesoamerican culture. It is very readable and accessible to anyone interested in a historically accurate portrayal of the subject. Check catalog for availability.

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