Bumped by Megan McCafferty


Bumped is a dystopian novel set in the near future, 2036. A virus causes everyone over the age of eighteen to become infertile. So, would-be parents pay teen girls to carry their children. Melody and Harmony are twin sixteen year-olds who were separated at birth and grew up in completely different worlds.

Melody's parents have been grooming her to be a most enviable surrogate. She is tall, blond, smart, plays guitar, is a star athlete, etc. She is the first girl at her school to go 'pro' by signing a contract with the Jaydens. But while they are searching for the perfect male for her to bump with, she must not give in to her attraction for Zen, her best male friend who suffers from insufficient verticality--he is too short.

Harmony grew up in Goodside, a religious community, preparing to be a wife and mother. Veils and purity clothing are required, prayercliques are attended daily, the Church Council chooses husbands for the girls when they are as young as thirteen. So Harmony believes it's her calling to find Melody and convince her that pregging for profit is a sin while helping her embrace God.

The two meet just as Melody is getting ready to fulfill her contract for the Jaydens. Melody is matched with Jondoe, a genetically perfect professional breeder, but this is when things go wrong. Harmony pretends to be Melody and Jondoe doesn't realize he's with the wrong person. The events that follow cause both twins to doubt their original plans and the book ends ambigously, but that will keep readers thinking until the next book arrives.

The teenspeak was frustrating at first, but quickly became inherent to the story; slang like 'for serious,' 'facespace' and 'until our parents' generation finally takes a dirtnap' kept the characters and setting fresh. While some might say the book is too cavalier regarding teen sex, it seems to be more of a cautionary tale about casual hook ups. This book is going to get people talking. A discussion guide can be found here to get you started--but careful--it contains spoilers!

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