Generation X by Douglas Coupland


The first novel from Douglas Coupland, it popularized the term Generation X, referring to Americans and Canadians who are young college graduated adults during the late 1980s. There are three main characters Andy, Claire, and Dag who have quit "pointless jobs done grudgingly to little applause" and relocated to the Palm Springs, California. The three friends develop a story-telling ritual, creating modern fables of love and death among what they consider to be the utter falsehood of society, as they wait for an epiphany that will shine light how to achieve the meaningful existence they are searching for. As the novel is a series of tales within a larger narrative, the reader learns various snippets from the lives of the characters which reveals their identity and beliefs about the modern world. Along with detailing the characters' relationships with each other, family members, love interests and co-workers, this allows the reader to understand the angst of Gen X, or any generation of young individuals who are attempting to figure out fiscal security while remaining true to their ideals. Unlike the more dissolute and darker young characters that populate many novels in transgressive fiction, the people in "Generation X" are generally good-hearted and likable, making the book an easy and enjoyable read. Check catalog for availability.

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