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Untold Story: A Novel by Monica Ali


Untold Story: A Novel by Monica Ali (Brick Lane, In the Kitchen) is about what might have happened if Princess Diana hadn't been killed in 1997. If alive, she would turn fifty on July 1, 2011. Ali imagines a fictional Princess of Wales whose life mirrors that of Diana's. She did not die in an accident, her death was faked, and now she is living in the United States. She calls herself Lydia Snaresbrook and is living in Kensington, North Carolina. Slowly, she makes friends and dates, but can never divulge the truth of her past. Eventually a British paparazzo comes to town and threatens her secret. Fans of Diana may enjoy this fairy tale of 'what if;' for as many questions as it answers, it's likely to leave readers asking more...what is it to live a life of peace, and is it worth leaving your children behind?

While you're waiting for Untold Story, take a look at what Newsweek's Tina Brown has to say about what Diana's life would be like in her article Diana at 50.

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