The Aurora Teagarden Series

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I admit, I tried getting into the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries by Charlaine Harris and could not. But, then my sister told me about another series Harris wrote called the Aurora Teagarden mysteries and I have been hooked every since!

Written before she started the popular Sookie Stackhouse stories and without the fantastical elements, this series centers on Aurora Teagarden, a librarian living outside of Atlanta who also happens to be an amateur crime buff. The first novel, Real Murders, centers on a group of amateur crime buffs she belongs to and a murder they witness. As the series goes on the bodies pile up.

One thing that I find refreshing about the series is that it makes no qualms that the characters are peculiar and recognizes that being a true crime aficionado is a strange pastime. There is even one character, a police officer, who finds it very odd that Aurora is somehow always involved with any murder that happens in their small town.

Along with the mystery, throw in a meddling mother, small town southern living, irksome library staff and plenty of love interests for Aurora and the series is a quick read and quite enjoyable. They do not need to be read in order, though they do follow a chronology. The books also do a nice job of fleshing out the characters and offer a light read without a lot of sex, violence and strong language. Real Murders is followed by A Bone to Pick, Three Bedrooms, One Corpse, The Julius House, Dead Over Heels, A Fool and His Honey, Last Scene Alive and Poppy Done to Death.

Submitted by Meredith, Wisconsin Talking Book Library

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