Lighten Up with America's Test Kitchen!

America'sTestKitchenJacket.jpgIf you've been celebrating Culinary month this July with a little too much butter and sugar, perhaps you'd like to try some lighter recipes. The America's Test Kitchen has released their encyclopedic family cookbook with a nod to your health. The Test Kitchen staff has toiled over numerous revisions of family favorites until arriving at the perfect balance of full flavor and healthier ingredients. The brownie recipe calls for light sour cream to maintain the moist texture, and many recipes substitute heart healthy Omega 3 fats for saturated fat. The cookbook provides specific product recommendations based on blind taste tests of important ingredients like light mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, and low fat cheese. The authors illustrate the cooking process in a way that makes their recipes approachable for even the most inexperienced home cook. After borrowing this book from the library, you just might need to buy your own copy like I did.

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