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Blood Harvest by S J Bolton

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The Fletcher family believes they've found the perfect home in the remote English village of Heptonclough. A beautiful house, the scenery of the moors, and friendly neighbors make Alice and Gareth Fletcher glad they decided to make the move to this tiny village. Their 10 year-old son Tom, however, isn't convinced, especially after he notices a shadowed figure following him. Tom, six-year-old Joe, and two-year-old Millie, have all seen the figure hiding behind gravestones and calling out to them in their mother's voice. It doesn't take long for even the adults to begin to realize something is very wrong in Heptonclough. When little Millie's life is continually placed in jeopardy by an unknown person and Joe goes missing, psychiatrist Dr. Evi Oliver and the new vicar Rev. Harry Laylock begin to find disturbing links between the previous deaths of three little girls and current events in the village. Blood Harvest is S.J. Bolton's third thriller, and much like her first novel Sacrifice, there is a masterful mix of psychological and supernatural elements. Mystery fans should also check out Bolton's newest novel, Now You See Me, for an intricately plotted puzzler involving a Jack the Ripper copycat.

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