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The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffrey Deaver


Help! Hit men are on the loose in northern Wisconsin!

The rugged landscape of fictional Kennesha County is a great setting for a rugged Wisconsin woman, who also happens to be a deputy sheriff, to survive while being hunted like a deer in November.

Deputy Brynn McKenzie, who reminded me of Marge from the movie Fargo, responds to a 911 call to a remote cottage on Lake Mondac and finds a Milwaukee social worker and his wife, a high powered attorney, executed.

She also finds the killers are still there!

I had images of Deliverance, Rambo and No Country for Old Men while cheering for Brynn as she apes a Wisconsinite female version of Grizzly Adams being chased by killers who seem awfully adept at woodsmanship even though they reside in Milwaukee and Chicago respectively.

I may joke about the stereotypical characters, but this is a fine, taut thriller that, though predictable, is pure put your "brain in a bucket" summer reading.

Just don't take this book to the cabin up north on vacation!

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