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Up In Honey's Room by Elmore Leonard

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I can honestly say this quirky novel is my first fictional literary experience regarding escaped Nazi POW's hanging out in Detroit!

The joy of reading Elmore Leonard, in my opinion, is the snappy dialogue between absurd characters that frame each chapter into "scenes" that move the story along. Each "scene," when compounded into a collective narrative, tells the story in a jagged, jutty style that is sure to answer any unclear plot developments in the very next chapter, usually through some remarkable dialogue between freaky characters.

Speaking of freaky characters, this book has some memorable doozies! Besides the above mentioned Nazi POW's, we are also treated to a drunken, washed up Nazi spy and her cross-dressing houseboy with a "Buster Brown" haircut, a naturalized Nazi butcher who is the splitting image of Heinrich Himmler, a U.S. Marshal with amazing self control and a racist obstetrician!

Oh, I almost forgot about Honey. Honey is the main character of the book. Honey is a woman comfortable in her own skin. She's also comfortable shedding her clothes, sometimes with a Nazi POW and sometimes with a U.S. Marshal. She was also married to the Himmler lookalike! She's hilarious. She's an individual. I really liked Honey and found myself rooting for her throughout the story.

I'm not going to say what this book is about, but it takes place in Detroit circa 1945 and involves eradicating a Nazi spy ring made up of total goofs.

Ya just can't go wrong with any Elmore Leonard book.
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