A Life At Work by Thomas Moore


In A Life At Work, New York Times best selling author Thomas Moore discusses the joy of discovering what you were born to do and helps readers answer the age old question, "what am I going to be when I grow up?". Almost everyone can appreciate the frustrating feeling of getting nowhere at work and the desire to be more fulfilled from what you do. With both a spiritual and psychological approach, Moore leads readers through an individual journey of one's own life and teaches readers how to successfully contemplate ones own past in order to choose a gratifying future. Moore shows us that we are all unique beings and that each of us must chose a course that suits that uniqueness. In order to feel fulfilled at work we must chose paths that satisfy the body, mind and sprit by engaging in work that gives meaning to life and inspires positivity. This book explains exactly how to decide if your current job is leading you in this path and if it is not, how to steer your life in a direction of positivity and fulfillment. As it promises, this book isn't just about finding the right job but about uncovering who you were meant to be and finding opportunities that enhance that.

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