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Milwaukee Public Library's newest foodie acquisition is Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold with Chris Young, Maxime Bilet. Photography by Ryan Matthew Smith and Nathan Myhrvold. According to Myhrvold, the goal was to explain the science, techniques, chemistry and physics of cooking. This publication is like Cook's Illustrated on steroids. In addition to their recipes and science, photographed cut-a-ways show you magical views of what is happening to your food as you cook it. Yes, they actually cut the pans, grills, jars, food, even a $5,000 oven in half in a machine shop and photographed the food as it cooked. The point here is to show you a view you have never seen before and also explain all the science behind their techniques. TraditionalOpener.jpg
In five volumes are 2,064 large, gorgeous pages of food, techniques, charts, graphs, photos and a 374 page "Kitchen Manual" that has washable, waterproof pages. This makes for 2,438 pages of amazing, unique reading. Most everything about food and cooking is covered--from food and culinary history to the modern trends started by Grant Aschatz, Hestor Blumenthal, Ferran Adria and others. Please come and take a look at this six-volume set (with 1500 recipes) in the Business and Technology Room at Central Library.
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