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Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik


Imagine Europe's Napoleonic Wars (setting for Patrick O'Brian's historical naval novels, which provided the basis for the film Master and Commander) if dragons existed and had been harnessed into military service as an Aerial Corps by each major military power of the day. Author Naomi Novik brings such an alternative history vividly to life in her Temeraire series. The first book, His Majesty's Dragon, introduces the upstanding young naval captain Will Laurence, whose life is changed forever when he accidentally becomes bonded to a dragon hatchling of great intelligence and mysterious pedigree, whom he names Temeraire. The books (six already published, with a seventh due in March 2012, and projected to total nine in all) follow Laurence and Temeraire as they learn to trust one another and struggle to find a place for themselves in British military and society. Their adventures in subsequent novels take them from Scotland to China, deep into the heart of Africa, onto the battlefields of Napoleon's Europe, and around the world to Australia. Along the way, the duo makes both allies and enemies, often in the unlikeliest places. Novik infuses these novels with rich characters and relationships, stirring adventures, and detailed historical and science fiction world-building. The Temeraire novels offer an absorbing and rewarding read to fans of historical novels, military strategy and tactics, and science fiction alike.

FYI, the books, in order, are:
His Majesty's Dragon
Throne of Jade
Black Powder War
Empire of Ivory
Victory of Eagles
Tongues of Serpents
Crucible of Gold - coming March 2012

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