Girl in a Blue Dress by Gaynor Arnold


Girl in a Blue Dress is a fictionalized account of the marriage of Charles and Catherine Dickens. Dickens fans, used to seeing his warm and fuzzy side, will get an entirely different perspective.

As the story opens, the great writer of the Victorian age, Alfred Gibson, has just died. His widow, Dorothea, known as Dodo, has been exiled by her husband to a small apartment and denied contact with her many children. Meanwhile, Alfred has taken a mistress and announces to his adoring public that Dodo is an unfit wife and mother.

After her husband's funeral, Dodo remembers how ardently Alfred courted her and the great love he showed her before the births of their many children and 20 years of marriage to a boundlessly energetic genius have left her fat and too tired to enjoy life. Dodo reminisces about her husband known as "the one and only" and discovers a great deal about herself. This book will surprise Dickens' fans, however this first effort by Gaynor Arnold it is very will written.

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