It's A Book by Lane Smith


This is a fun, slightly sarcastic, but hysterically comic take on the debate over digital versus print books. A donkey with a laptop and a monkey with a hardcover book discuss the merits of their preferred formats. "How do you scroll down?" the donkey asks. "Do you blog with it?" "Can you make the characters fight?" At one point, the donkey reads a page of Treasure Island and decides it has too many words. So then he quickly transcribes the story as "LJS: rrr! K? lol! / JIM: :( ! :)." Finally, the donkey assures the monkey that he will charge the book up when he is finished with it; to which a mouse, the 3rd character in this book, responds with the side-splitting punch line. It's A Book is in picture book format with wonderful illustrations, and is sure to make kids and adults smile.

Submitted by Nancy A. @ King

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