The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde


In The Eyre Affair we meet literary detective Thursday Next who is called onto the case of Jane Eyre, who was kidnapped straight from Bronte's novel. During her investigations she meets the people who play the characters of your favorite classic books, battles the powers of darkness and matches wits with the greatest super criminal ever known.

In Fforde's world, the black market for books is more lucrative than that of illicit drugs, performances of Shakespeare's plays are interactive - having more to do with rock concerts and mosh pits than dry, high-society theater and it's possible to travel into your favorite books (just be sure not to inadvertently change the ending). Throw in a gray market cheese economy, genetically engineered pet dodos and some good old-fashioned interoffice politics and it seems like there'd be too much to wrap your head around, but with Fforde's fast paced, quick witted and very entertaining writing you'll simply be wanting more.. His ideas are wonderfully unique and his characters are amazingly fun. This is a book that will have you happily whiling away the hours before reaching for the next installment of this ongoing series.

Submitted by Matt @ East

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