Skyjack - The Hunt For D.B. Cooper

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Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper by Geoffrey Gray (c2011)

On Thanksgiving 1971, a man buys a ticket under the name "Dan Cooper" (aka D.B. Cooper) and boards Northwest Orient Flight 305 in Portland, Oregon. Shortly after takeoff, he displays a bomb in a briefcase case and demands $200,000 and four parachutes as ransom. When the plane lands in Seattle, his demands are met, and he directs that the plane now take flight towards Mexico. Cooper then parachutes out of the plane into a heavily wooded area just north of the Washington/Oregon border. He is never seen again.

In 2007, New York-based reporter/writer Geoffrey Gray receives a promising lead as to the possible fate and whereabouts of D.B. Cooper. Gray tracks (and sidetracks) the lead ruthlessly for the next two years. He uncovers numerous suspects, copycats, deadends, crackpots, conspiracy theories and even gains access to the official FBI files on the case. In Skyjack, he weaves this all into an engrossing narrative that truly captures the undying intrigue of what remains America's most daring and notorious unsolved crime. Check catalog for availability.

- submitted by Tom S. @ MPL Central

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