Dead To The World: A Southern Vampire Novel by Charlaine Harris.


Dead to the World is book four in the Sookie Stackhouse Series written by Charlaine Harris. One night while driving home Bon Temps telepath and waitress Sookie Stackhouse discovers a man running wildly down the side of the road. She recognizes him, stops her car and asks the man, who turns out to be vampire Eric Northman Sherriff of Area 5 in Louisiana, why he is out running in the dark. It's then that we all discover that Eric, a once fierce, humorless and bloodthirsty vampire, has spell-induced amnesia. There's more. Now he is sweet, kind, thoughtful and loving. Naturally Sookie takes him home and, naturally, all chaos breaks out from that moment forward. This is my favorite Sookie Stackhouse novel (so far). It's fun and funny to see what Eric says and does while he has amnesia.

Will Eric regain his memories? Will he regain his original personality? The outcome will change Sookie and Eric's relationship forever.

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