212 by Alafair Burke


212, after the infamous NY area code, is the third of the Ellie Hatcher series, following Dead Connection and Angel's Tip. In 212, two simultaneous cases are being investigated; in one, call girls from escort services are turning up dead and tortured prior to death, in the other case, an internet site set up specifically for campus gossip and backbiting among students gets play. Megan, a student, sees her name with posts on the site and believes she is being stalked. She tells her parents who go to the police, but they blow it off since nothing has actually happened. The next day, Megan is murdered. Then, people who had a connection to Megan (and work for an escort service) are murdered. Is Megan working for the escort service? And who is her roommate, Heather? Is she involved too?

Submitted by Jacki @ Central

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