Inspiritu Jewelry by Marie French


Author, Marie French researched an historic person, a healing woman (curandera) named Milagro who lived in West Texas in the 1930s in a cabin in a place called Wild Horse. Milagro was known for using jewelry in her healing practice. French shares the prescriptions, recipes and philosophy of Milagro in Inspiritu Jewelry: Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

French's book is accessible, and few tools are needed for crafting the jewelry. Each creation is designed specifically for the wearer as a healing amulet. French encourages the inclusion of humble materials - old auto parts, rusty nails, patina tins, bone beads and a wide array of found items, charms or materials that the wearer cherishes. She emphasizes the earthy, the worn, the re-cycled. "Rusty tin cans make excellent enclosures for shrines, reliquaries and nichos." Persons interested in crafts, jewelry making, natural healing, aroma therapy, teas and infusions, folklore and folkart will enjoy Inspiritu Jewelry.

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