Wildwood by Colin Meloy


Wildwood by Colin Meloy follows the adventures of Prue Mckeel and her friend Curtis who embark on a dangerous quest after a murder of crows kidnap Prue's baby brother. Upon following the crows they are taken into the Impassible Wilderness which no one from their town has ever dared to go. There they find a whole secret society called Wildwood, inhabited with humans, animals, bandits, and a number of aggressive coyotes. As Wildwood's different factions begin fighting with one another, Prue and Curtis become separated and must determine where the allegiances lie. As they become more entwined in the battle, both realize that they are more connected with the Wildwood than they realize. The story is beautifully illustrated by Carson Ellis and fans of the band the the Decemberists will enjoy singer/songwriter Colin Meloy's successful foray into children's literature. Be on the lookout for the movie version which has just been optioned by Laika Studios, the producers of Coraline.

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