The Mad Ones by Tom Folsom


Joey Gallo was an artist, poet and countercultural figure in New York's Greenwich Village arts scene of the 1960s. He was also a gangster, a member of the Profaci crime family who led a bloody revolt against the city's top mob bosses along with his two brothers. A dangerous, deadly criminal who did hard time for extortion, he was also the toast of New York's cultural elite, befriending the likes of actor Jerry Orbach and comedian David Steinberg. The story of "Crazy Joe" is told in riveting style by Tom Folsom in his book The Mad Ones. Folsom's manic, pulpy style fits well with his subject. He distills numerous books, news archives, and interviews into a fast-paced, thrilling read reminiscent of Jack Kerouac, whose own writing was the inspiration for the title. This book will appeal to not only fans of true crime but also anyone interested in New York City's Mafia history and the real-life figures that inspired characters in movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. Think you'll be able to put this book down? Fagheddaboudit!
By Brett @ Washington Park

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