My Year With Eleanor: A Memoir by Noelle Hancock


It is so easy to fall into a rut. And often, the walls of those ruts are composed of our fears. When Noelle Hancock is laid off from her job in online media, she realizes that her life has been guided by fear into a narrow channel. With the inspiration of Eleanor Roosevelt, she resolves to do one thing each day that scares her. The very first thing she tries is trapeze lessons. Then, diving in a shark cage (which evoked terror, not just mere fear). Then, composing and performing a stand-up routine (which will make you cry tears of laughter!) in New York City. And it gets crazier from there! Along the path of her many self-inflicted trials, she considers the courageous example of Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt was painfully timid as a child, and feared public speaking, heights, ships, and many other things in her adult life. Yet, she overcame those fears, flying and sailing to visit wounded soldiers during and after World War II, speaking to advocate the founding of the nation of Israel, and making her mark on the world in so many ways. My Year With Eleanor: A Memoir is not a traditional motivational book, full of slogans and platitudes and "you can do its". You'll enjoy reading this memoir, and triumphing with the author and Eleanor!
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