A World of Thieves by James Carlos Blake


Set in prohibition era Louisiana and Texas, A World of Thieves is not highbrow literature. In fact, it covers most clichés of the gangster genre and apes scenes straight from other works printed in the pulp mags of the period. But what A World of Thieves lacks for in imagination, it more than makes up for in enthusiasm and just plain FUN. Fun, I mean, if pistol whipping, bad gangster dialogue ("Hands off, buster!") and every character in the book having absolutely no redeeming qualities, is the type of book that floats your boat. My boat was really riding a wave crest as if filled with Styrofoam. It was positively buoyant.
If you are hip to stolen cars and shotgun blasts; delicious dames and devious deception all wrapped inside a warmed West Texas tortilla and fried over a fire of burning bootleg alcohol and the men who made it, then this book is for you.
I can't remember rooting for an 18 year old serial robber, murderer and all around charming guy more than I rooted for main character Sonny LaSalle (wasn't there a Sonny in the Godfather? Hmmm....) as he robs, swindles and drinks his way across the southwest with a pistol tucked into the back of his pants.
This whole book is like a screenplay to an Untouchables episode transplanted to Western Texas. And that is OK with me. I like the Untouchables too.

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