10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel and Lisa Souza


10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters: A Guide to Holistic Knitting, Yarn, and Life by Vicki Stiefel and Lisa Souza

I have a confession: Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and by its title. When I saw this book, I thought, yes! That's me! I'm a laidback knitter. As my knitting friends will attest, I don't like to frog. I mean really, why put all that effort into knitting to ribbit out??? However, as I soon found out, that is not the essence of this book. Instead, this book is full of little pearls of wisdom and witticisms: Ten secrets that are designed to expand your window of knitting experience and widen your comfort zone. The ten secrets are as follows:
1) Find yourself a wise woman - a wise woman is one who will guide you and offer you their patient years of experience.
2) Discover slow knitting - in other words, discover the joy of working with homegrown fibers that have been hand spun.
3) Become a barefoot sock knitter - the essence of this is that knitters are famous for gifting their creations. Warm feet are sure to keep you pleasantly in someone's mind!
4) Take the color leap of faith - stuck on one particular color? Afraid to make something in a different color than shown in the pattern? This chapter teaches you how to be brave with color.
5) See the souls of fibers - take the time to understand the reason a particular yarn is used in a pattern, and if substituting, understand the components of your fiber and whether or not it will be suitable. A tutorial on fiber is included in this chapter.
6) Listen as the yarn speaks to you - more wisdom on understanding your fiber through hands on.
7) Value the partnership in knitting - the importance of the handshake between the designer and the knitter.
8) Learn to soar patternless - knitting on the fly.
9) Do it with hooks - crochet plays a part in knitting and on its own.
10) Connect the dots - knitting is a social activity.

There are beautiful patterns within this book, including patterns for crochet, a pattern using steel enforced yarn and beads, and other unique and beautiful items. Each pattern is given a symbol to indicate skill level: Recliner - relaxing knitting, suitable for a beginner; Rocking Chair - still relaxing, but you may have to sit up and take notice of what you're doing occasionally; Wing Chair - sit up and pay attention, but you're still in a relaxing chair; Dining Chair - a challenging knit.

There are a couple of sock patterns in this book and they are both marked as being wing chair patterns. Perhaps I should have read this book before attempting my socks - I have been knitting them in a recliner, not a wing chair, and I've been doing a lot of frogging!

Submitted by Mary S. at Bay View

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