Riders of the Apocalypse by Jackie Morse Kessler

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Hunger is the first book in this series and tells the story of 17 year old Lisbeth and her battle with anorexia. Death comes calling for Lisbeth and gives her the job of Famine, the Black Rider, of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. In this interesting twist on an old story Lisbeth faces her own internal struggle with food when her travels as Famine take her to parts of the world where hunger is a way of life. The prose vividly deals with anorexia and the effects it has on both the individual and the people who love them.

Rage is the second book in this series and is the story of Missy, a cutter, who believes the only release from her pain is the kiss of a razor blade on her flesh. Death comes calling for her and she becomes War, the Red Rider. Missy is a victim of bullying and this book shows how cruel teenagers can be. The story is raw and evokes a wide range of emotions for the reader. Will Missy find her control in the end or let her rage drive her to the blade?

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