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Simple Times by Amy Sedaris


Although this book by actress-comedian Amy Sedaris is catalogued with craft books, it is really social commentary as a spoof on crafting. It is low brow, off-color and hilarious. The full title is: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. Since our current economy is transforming the formerly middleclass to poor, there ought to be an increasing audience of depressed folks who need a good laugh! Crafts shown include everything from hair tassels on lampshades to cotton balls on popsicle sticks to sewing pink calico bloomers. And, there are recipes for sausages, cheesecake, and fudge.

Sedaris has cultivated the craft of acting, costuming and posing - she can be perky, adorable, glamorous, nerdy, pensive, kitsch, stoned, scary, or downright unattractive. She makes fun of herself and pretty much every one else and their crafts - the impoverished, the elderly, the mentally ill, the religious, the blind, the feeble-minded, the clumsy (especially in the section on safety) and let's not forget - the teenagers.

Special attention is devoted to Stretching Before and After Crafting; Rabbit Proofing Your Home, and gift ideas like a doily seat shield for a nudist. There is a section on Fornicrafting (also known as "making love") performed by Amy with a partner, both attired in very short lemon yellow chenille robes. There's a suggestive photo-essay demonstrating the art of forcefully impaling hotdogs on the tines of a rake so you can roast them in the fireplace. The text is as funny, if not funnier, than the garishly colorful photos. Crack it open to any page, and try not to laugh.

Submitted by Deb @ Bay View

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