Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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William Golding's classic novel was reportedly rejected by over 20 publishing houses before finally being published in 1954. What were they thinking? It would have been a travesty of monumental proportions if the world had been deprived of this controversial work.

The basic premise has an airplane full of boys crashing onto an uninhabited island with no adults for guidance. A boy named Ralph assumes leadership over the stranded kids and, with advice from his friend Piggy, decides that a signal fire should always be kept burning in hopes of signaling a passing airplane or ship. Over time, different factions of the stranded boys break from Ralph's leadership and their "society" becomes fractured. Chaos ensues with murder as an end result.

Lord of the Flies is a simple story that tackles very complex issues including morality, the good of everyone over individuality and the benefit of rules and laws that govern the populace. Can reason preside over instinct? After all, its mankind's ability to reason that separates us from other life forms. Give this excellent novel a try so you can decide for yourself whether the pig hunters who broke away from Ralph's leadership were truly savages or are the rules of society the true culprit?

This book has also been filmed. Click here for dvd or vhs availability.

The Milwaukee Public Library celebrated the 50th Anniversary of this landmark work of fiction by purchasing an attractive hardcover edition. Check here for this edition.

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