Breathe Deeply by Doton Yamaaki

Watching someone you love struggle with a debilitating condition is a tragic and life changing experience. For young Sei and Oishi, losing their friend Yuko to heart failure alters the course of their lives. Years after Yuko's death both Sei and Oishi are scientists in search of a medical breakthrough. Now professional enemies instead of friends each pursue a cure to Yuko's condition from their own strongly held ethical beliefs. Should stem cells be used to create human organs that can be harvested? Should hearts be kept pumping with artificial polymers? Sei and Oishi may have the same goal but their approaches keep them at odds. When they discover Yuko's death may not be as it appeared their worlds are thrown into havoc once again.

Breathe Deeply is by the highly regarded manga husband-wife team Doton Yamaaki. This is their first work to be translated into English.

Submitted by Nobuta @ Milwaukee Public Library

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