The Gift by Cecilia Ahern


The Gift begins with a frozen turkey being hurled through a living room window and a police officer telling us a weird story...

Lou Suffern is a workaholic. Trying to be in two places at one time all of the time and constantly thinking about what needs to be done next, Lou completely forgets about his wife and two children. Lou often makes empty promises to his children, wife and family. He feels that his family should be grateful to him for the money he makes in order to provide them all with a better life.

Due to the holiday spirit, or more so his desire to get a huge promotion, Lou buys a homeless man, Gabe, a cup of coffee and gets him a job in the mailroom at his firm. And that's when things get a bit weird. Gabe is the first person in the office in the morning, appears and re-appears throughout the building, and seems to know a lot about Lou and his family. As the race for the promotion continues between a co-worker and Lou, Lou starts to learn some valuable life lessons from Gabe. Lessons not only important around the holiday season, but things we should know and remember at all times. This Christmas story is filled with twists and turns to keep your interest and it may make you reconsider decisions about how you live your life.

Submitted by Nichole @ Villard Square

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