The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog by Dave Barry


I remember the inevitable Christmas pageants that took place in my schools when I was growing up. The manger scene with doll in the role of baby Jesus, the three wise men coming from afar, prettiest girl in the class playing the Virgin Mary, with the piano music in the background. Nowadays, these pageants are probably not so common, thanks to political correctness. In this delightful little tale, Doug Barnes, a junior high student, reminds us of all the craziness of such pageants. He also creates a terrific picture of life in junior high and family life around Christmas time in 1960. Dave Barry is known for his sense of humor and he doesn't disappoint here. This story of a couple of junior high Christmas pageants is filled with missteps, typical boys' mischievous behavior, bats in the belfry and Walter, the wonderful miracle dog of the title. Short, sweet, and funny, with photos and advertisements from the period to add to your pleasure. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Katherine @ Zablocki

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