Mother/Daughter Book Discussion at Bay View, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m.

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Mothers and daughters, grades 7 - 9, who enjoyed the book Matched are invited to take part in a Mother/Daughter book discussion at the Bay View Library, Thursday, December 8th, 6-7pm.

Society Matched Them, But Love Set Them Free.
In the Society, officials decide.
Who you love.
Where you work.
When you die.

In Matched, the Society decides every occurrence in a person's life including the day that they will die. The Society also makes sure that the streets are clean, the trains run on time, there is no illness and peace seemingly prevails, so most people are willing to accept what the government dictates as the price to be paid. Cassia has just turned 17 and is excited for her Matching ceremony where she will learn who she is to marry. She is happy to find that she has been matched with her best friend Xander. But while she watches the data card the government has provided about her match, another face flashes on the screen for a moment. The face of another boy she knows, Ky. That brief flash is enough to make her wonder if Ky is really the person she is meant to be with. Her doubts about her match and the death of her grandfather make her realize for the first time that there may be many experiences, feelings and choices that are closed to her as long as she follows the Society's rules. Allie Condie has created a fascinating dystopian society where the price of perfection is loss of our most basic freedoms.

In Crossed, the second book in the Matched trilogy, Cassia and Ky are separated and sent to the outer provinces to work in labor camps. Their struggles to find each other again make up much of the book, though more information is revealed about the mysterious Xander. Crossed is another beautifully written book that will have readers eagerly awaiting the final installment which is planned for publication in November 2012.

Submitted by Fran @ Bay View

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