SHOOT! by Jay Cronley


I randomly picked this book off the fiction shelves at the Central Library while simply looking for something light and engaging to read that night. It was like finding a four leaf clover in a field of grass and weeds. The tone of this short novel is light-hearted at best and pretty darn funny at times.

The basic plot describes a crumbling marriage involving cocaine addicted Carolyn and her gambling addicted husband Joe. Both are heavily in debt: Carolyn to her drug dealer and Joe to his bookie. Naturally, they both decide to hire professional killers so they can collect the life insurance policies from each other and pay off their debts.

The two murderous schemes go horribly awry when the hired killers fall in love with each other and both Carolyn and Joe realize they were both trying to bump each other off. The ensuing events reminded me of a twisted Monty Python or Inspector Clouseau skit.

Fun, simple, and short, reading Shoot! was a great way to spend an evening.

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