Molly Fox's Birthday by Deirdre Madden


Molly Fox and the narrator are long time friends with associates and experiences in common. Molly is an Irish actress and the nameless narrator is an Irish playwright. Molly is in the States, and the playwright is staying in Molly's Dublin home to jump start work on a new play. Being in Molly's house, surrounded by things Molly loves, the author begins to appreciate the subtleties of her dear friend. Visitors to Molly's home on her birthday bring opportunities for conversations with Molly's friends, fans and brother and provide more insight into the characters that have been part of their shared and private lives. The friendship between Molly and the narrator's brother, a Catholic priest, is particularly engaging and of great surprise to the narrator. Molly is more of an enigma after learning more about her. This is a character-driven rather than plot-driven book and the roster is varied and interesting. Check catalog for availability.

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