Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee


Kim aka the Angry Little Asian Girl was Lela Lee's first Angry Little Girl, whose idea was conceived while Lee was in college. The character starred in a video short which was developed into a DVD with five Angry Episodes. The video was met with such acclaim, Lee was asked to put Kim on t-shirts, which quickly sold. When marketing the Angry Little Asian Girl, Lee needing to branch out to include more diverse characters in order to be profitable. Hence, Angry Little Girls were created and many of these characters can be found in her book, Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls. Besides Kim, we are introduced to Deborah the disenchanted princess, Xyla the gloomy girl and Wanda who is super positive.

The book is presented in comic book form with primary colors and minimalistic detail to the drawings. The narrative is not extensive but the words are powerful and of course angry. The fairy tale retellings include "Snow Yellow and the Seven Short Men", "RapPunsWell" and "He's No Beauty in the Least." The heroine of each tale is not at all similar to her original counterpart. She questions, she doesn't sweetly comply and you wonder if they really do end up happily ever after.

Although it looks like a children's book on the outside, the inside is not meant for the young or easily offended. If you enjoy sarcasm, have a warped sense of humor or just want to read something concise but unconventional, check out Lena Lee's book Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls. You can read more about the Angry Little Girls and browse through their comic strips on the website Angry Little Girls.

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