The Great Snowstorm of '47


It started with a weather forecast of "an inch or so of snow." By the time it ended, Milwaukee was shut down for days by its worst blizzard 65 years ago. Retired University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Donald Neuman remembers it in When the Trolleys Were Stopped Cold-The Great Snowstorm of '47.

He follows it day-by-day from the initial forecast to the city struggling to get back on its feet with mind-boggling photos and stories from The Milwaukee Journal of streetcars and indoor phone booths becoming makeshift overnight "beds" for those who couldn't make it home and how Milwaukeeans helped each other with food, shelter and shoveling sidewalks and streets.

The Central Library has a display of blizzard photos and copies of The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel and LIFE. and will have a program on Sunday, January 29th, 2012, 65 years to the day when Milwaukee's worst blizzard started.

Submitted by Van Lingle Mungo

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