The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon


For fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of epic time travel romance, and her spinoff historical mystery novels about Lord John Grey, The Scottish Prisoner is another action-packed prequel chapter in the ongoing saga. Despite the title, this is mainly a Lord John book, alternating between his point of view and that of Jamie Fraser, who is the Scottish prisoner in question, a convicted traitor currently paroled in Lord John's custody.

Naturally everything gets complicated for Jamie and John in a big hurry: Jamie is contacted by an Irish revolutionary planning another uprising against the British throne, while John is hunting a corrupt military officer to fulfill a promise made to a friend on his deathbed. Their two concerns are soon entangled by the discovery of a mysterious poem written in Irish Gaelic, and before long John and Jamie are teaming up to fight crime despite Jamie's uncertain feelings about aiding the English, and John's unrequited feelings for Jamie.

The Scottish Prisoner is a great look at the beginning of a friendship that developed offstage in other books, but it will make a confusing starting point for anyone new to the series. Start with Outlander, for the epic time traveling romance of Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall, or Lord John and the Private Matter, if you'd rather read about a gay military officer solving mysteries and keeping secrets in 18th Century England.

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