Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer by Michael A. Roberto


Michael Roberto isn't your typical "management guru." He's an academic. And his research will prove to you time after time why great leaders, from the CEO to the front line manager, depend on conflict, dissent and wise direction to give shape to great decisions.

You won't find bulletpointed lists, large fonts or touchy-feely anecdotes in Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer. Instead, you'll be brought face to face with the results of Roberto's years of intrepid data collection on decision-making from the inside of major corporations, NASA, mountain climbing expeditions and firefighting teams. From this data, Roberto has distilled key characteristics common to every critical decision, leading to its success or failure.

Roberto begins by reviewing a conceptual framework for the diagnosis, evaluation and improvement of strategic decision-making processes. Critical to this framework is his assertion that leaders first must "decide how to decide" by setting up the rules of engagement and procedure that will lead to a final decision. Part II focuses on the task of managing the conflict that he has determined is a critical component of good decision-making. Discussion of providing a platform for dissenting views and candid dialog follows. Part III of ...Don't Take Yes... concentrates on the equal importance consensus has in supporting great decisions. He presents techniques in which leaders can achieve consensus without compromising divergent and creative thinking. Part IV concludes with a review of how the leadership philosophy outlined in the book challenges the conventional views held by many managers about how to make critical decisions.

Roberto writes about critical decision-making methods and in an entertaining but highly informative narrative style. He calls the leader to dramatically improve their decision-making ability by welcoming other's input and acknowledging s/he doesn't have all the answers.

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