You Never Give Me Your Money by Peter Doggett


Even if you're an absolute Beatles fanatic like I am, it may seem that there could be nothing more out there worth reading about them. After all, what else is there to say about the World's Greatest Band Ever (No Arguing)? Well, rock journalist Peter Doggett has found some new things to write about the old group in his book You Never Give Me Your Money. It primarily covers the post-breakup years, beginning just after the Sgt. Pepper period and leading up to the present day. Doggett follows the Fab Four as they navigate through solo music careers, various political and social causes, and personal relationships. He also describes in great detail the sticky financial and managerial messes that drove wedges among them personally and ultimately prevented any possible reunion. He dispels popular rumors about them (No, neither Yoko nor Linda broke them up) while dangling other tantalizing possibilities in front of us (would John and Paul have worked together again in New Orleans in 1975 if Yoko hadn't intervened?) Doggett's evenhanded and thoughtful book is a great way for Beatles fans to catch up on their heroes and a worthy addition to the band's ever-growing bibliography. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

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